TRUMPTRUMP: Modern Day Presidential

A collection of daily visual documentation of the Trump Administration.

TRUMPTRUMP: Modern Day Presidential

About the book

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This book collects Warren Craghead's daily drawings of the first six months of the Trump Administration, starting at his inauguration in January 2017. He draws Trump and his administration every day, sharing the images online at an in a free newsletter.


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Drawing Donald Trump as president has been different than drawing him as a candidate or the president-elect.

"When I started drawing these daily grotesque portraits of Trump (in July 2016, when he accepted the Republican nomination for president) one of my goals was to make it hard for people supporting him to look away from his horror," Craghead says.

"By drawing Trump as president, in addition to warning people away from him, I try to document what he is doing to our government, our politics and us. What is happening is not normal and I want, in a small way, to try to resist normalizing Trump, his minions and their schemes."

This book's title, "Modern Day Presidential," is taken from a Trump quote, drawn on page 177.


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Praise for the project

"In this image of Trump as a greedy, probing slug, Craghead has managed to embody his spectacular selfishness."

The Atlantic


"Warren Craghead has been the cartoonist of the Resistance, even before there was a Resistance. His images pierce the glossy, illusory surfaces of the Trump Era, to reveal what lurks beneath. The community he has created around this persistent, daily truth has kept me sane in trying times."

— Dahlia Lithwick, Senior Editor, Slate


"Warren Craghead is America’s best working political cartoonist, and these daily dispatches from our national nightmare prove it."

— Sean T. Collins, Critic for the New York Times and Rolling Stone


"Always an artist on the respective fringes of fine art and alternative comics, Warren Craghead has carved his own niche exploring repetition, societal ills, and what can be learned from investigating both of them through sequential illustration. His topical current project has taken this practice to the harrowing next level."

The Comics Journal


"There is something in TRUMPTRUMP’s sheer meanness and ferocity that carries through beyond the typical “Boy, that Trump sure is dumb.” The other books seem to play by the tried and true rules of polite political satire — rules that Trump and his administration have proven don’t matter much, given where he currently resides. TRUMPTRUMP, on the other hand, means business."

The Smart Set


"And then there are Trump’s supporters. “I wanted to make it uncomfortable for people who were holding their noses and voting for him."

C-Ville Weekly


TT2 pgs 140-141

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