a postcard


My work explores the absurd idea of how to be everywhere; It insists that art can be accessible, cryptic, and beautiful all at the same time. My drawings, collages, paintings, book and mail art are inspired by my experience in the ordinary world. They contain spontaneous "without thinking" narratives that process and encode everyday life and the written word into discrete, pictographic, nonlinear stories that can be encountered everywhere: a sticker on a pole, a booklet in a newspaper, a postcard in the mail, an image on a website, a collage in a gallery.

In my process, I mix and transpose images and words, pictures and poetry, constantly sketching as a way of mapping what happens to me in a given day. Cubist and cartoony collage elements or texts from poets or myself are translated into multi-valent diagrams, whose glyphs, sentence fragments, and miniature imagery beg to be deciphered. I make numerous series of small drawings and arrange them sequentially, placing them in literary journals, comics magazines, or self-published books that I sell or give away on the web.

I also am interested in the idea of 3D drawing, folding, cutting, and gluing to build origami books or free-standing paper sculptures, as well as unconventional art modes, such as mailing out thousands of small drawings on found postcards. In all my work there are additional levels of translation and evolution, where past pieces are scanned and digitally remixed into new web-based or filmic works.

In the end, I am fascinated by the notion of a "seed toss:" by the cycle of exchange between artist, object, and the person who holds a small strange book in their hand.

Warren Craghead

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