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“UVA students can sign up for an in-depth conversation about the career paths of some of the cartoonists on Oct. 22, moderated by Charlottesville artist Warren Craghead, who works at the Law School.” more

Anne E. Bromley
“What’s So Funny These Days? Keith Knight and Other Cartoonists Give It Their Best Shot"
UVA Today

October 2020
“Posters encouraging people to wear masks, drawn by artist Warren Craghead, are seen stapled to posts along Rugby Avenue on Monday.” more

Erin Edgerton
Daily Progress (Charlottesville, Va.)

August 2020
“Most of my work is trying and making zine and books,” said Craghead. “I work in a lot of the old comics world. So when this [pandemic] started happening, my first thought was, ‘Well, let’s make a book about this.’” more

Brooke Nicholson
RVA Magazine

July 2020
“Warren Craghead’s recent work offers one model for such imaginative witnessing of the past, using his significant power as an illustrator and cartoonist to revisualize past and present catastrophes with an eye alternately outraged and sympathetic, but seldom fatalistic. His “live drawing” project invites us to reinhabit and rewitness historical events as they move from ongoing situations into defined events — without ever losing sight of the trauma and urgency of the situation itself.” more

F. Stewart-Taylor
“The Years Start Coming and They Don’t Stop Coming: Witnessing as Practice in Warren Craghead’s “Live Drawing” Oeuvre"

June 2020
“The way that Warren Craghead breaks up letters across the page into almost puzzles to be put together makes the reader go through a process of experiencing a confusion that pleasantly resolves itself into understanding.” more

Kimball Anderson
“Exploring The Concept of Intentionality in Art Comics"

February 2020
“Warren Craghead has been drawing Donald Trump and his cronies every day for more than two years, and he’s promised to continue "until this nightmare ends.""” more

Alex Dueben
“Smash Pages Q&A: Warren Craghead on ‘TrumpTrump’"
Smash Pages

February 2019
“Consider Warren Craghead, the TrumpTrump author, who draws in a style that’s vaguely reminiscent of the gonzo mode of Ralph Steadman (best known for his work with the journalist Hunter S. Thompson)... In this image of Trump as a greedy, probing slug, Craghead has managed to embody his spectacular selfishness.” more

Sarah Boxer
“Why Is Donald Trump So Hard to Caricature?”
The Atlantic

April 2018
“Since July 2016, Craghead has been drawing a daily caricature of Trump, usually along with a corresponding tweet or statement. So far, so familiar. What makes TRUMPTRUMP different, however, is how remorselessly savage it is in its portrayal of Trump…” more

Chris Mautner
"The Tremendous Trump"
The Smart Set

“I thought when I started it that I would be drawing until November of 2016,” Craghead says. “And then when he won I decided to keep going, drawing every day, pairing a grotesque portrait with quotes from him.” Now 18 months into the project, Craghead hasn't grown weary of drawing President Trump.” more

Raennah Lorne
"Warren Craghead draws the campaign and presidency in Trump Trump"
C-Ville Weekly

"...Similarly, Warren Craghead’s “Seed Toss” initiative involves a fair amount of effort. An entire wall is filled with Craghead’s crude, handmade postcards, which you’re expected to address, write a message on and then drop into a mailbox at the gallery, along with a suggested $5 donation. At the end of the show, the artist will add stamps and mail them for you..." more

Michael O'Sullivan,
“Art in focus: ‘Fall Solos’ put the work back in artwork”
The Washington Post

"...what Craghead is doing with his art is rather daunting to describe, leading to inevitable tongue tying after the confession of admiration. I have the same problem myself–which is why I thought a series of short statements from Craghead himself might be in order...." more

Austin English,
“A Short Interview with Warren Craghead”
The Comics Journal

"Unsurprisingly, the best strip in the book is Warren Craghead’s “(new, old)”. He was one of the originators of comics-as-poetry and this particular piece is a wonderful fit in an anthology full of such stories.... It’s a lovely, evocative story that stirs all of the senses using the simplest of building blocks to create a complex reading experience..." more

Rob Clough,
“Review: Sundays 4 (Forever Changes)”
The Comics Journal

"...Er hätte einen langwierigen, graphischen Roman schreiben/zeichnen können, doch Craghead entschied sich dafür, die Revolution mit seinen eigenen Mitteln zu unterstützen , die gegenwärtige Hilflosigkeit zu in einen Comic zu bannen: Er hat einfach einen Do-it-yourself-Comic zum Selberbasteln gezeichnet - mit dem Titel: 'Seed toss, kick it over'..." more

Daniel Wullner,
“Revolution zum Selberbasteln.”
Neus aus dem Elfenbeinturm
(Munich, Germany)
"...A Sort of Autobiography is a series of ten StoryCubes whose outer faces are covered by drawings of Craghead’s own making. Taken together, the ten cubes are intended to be interpreted as his “possible” autobiography – hence the title of the work..." more

Frederic Lesage,
“Telling Worlds.”
(London, UK)
"...Both my parents were artists and both my grandmothers were artists, and so my first artistic memories involve my family. I remember drawing at the kitchen table with my dad and my brother, and my dad is showing us how to draw cartoons and other little things...." more

“Checking In With Warren Craghead” (Q&A)
C-VILLE Weekly
(Charlottesville VA)
"... He uses a completely original approach to juxtaposition and composition of images, words, and fragments of both, to suggest meaning beyond what you see on the page...."

Jessica Abel and Matt Madden
“Notables 2010: Warren Craghead”
Drawing Words, Writing Pictures

"... In this episode, they get to talk to the one and only, Warren Craghead about inspirations, his unique take on comics and art-making, the drawing process as well as a shocking secret that he finally reveals to Rina about his family history. ..." more

Rina Ayuyang and Renee French,
“The Comix Claptrap” (Podcast)
"... Across town this month at The Bridge/PAI, “Leaf and Signal” is a different kind of sea of images. Unlike “Half Life” there is no riptide waiting to pull you under. It is yours to swim in, this placid bay of gorgeous of little mysteries. ...." more

Andrew Cedermark
C-VILLE Weekly
(Charlottesville VA)
"... He uses a completely original approach to juxtaposition and composition of images, words, and fragments of both, to suggest meaning beyond what you see on the page...."

Laura Parsons
“The Public Option - Craghead Opens The Books.”
The Hook
(Charlottesville Va)
"...it took two pages of a March C-VILLE cover story for Craghead to make us a 14-page book titled The Surf and The Face. But Craghead is used to wringing large spaces out of smaller ones...." more

Brandon Fitzgerald
“Notables 2010: Warren Craghead”
C-VILLE Weekly
(Charlottesville Va)
"You know you’re entering strange territory when the first line in the “About” paragraph is an Apollinaire quote. For that matter, you know you’re in strange territory when the artist in question is veteran DIY avante garde comics artist Warren Craghead...." more

Scott McCloud
“Now That’s an Experimental Comic”
"...What’s going on here? Craghead makes his first marks outside panel borders: a comma after the collage in the center of the page, and a period after the little piece of scrap in the lower right-hand corner. (“Un caligramme” is a poem whose letters are arranged on the page to form a picture—Craghead implies that his whole “story” is a poetic caligramme, complete with a period that finishes off his “sentence.”) ..." more

Derek Badman and Craig Fischer
“Abstract Comics: The Discussion”
"Perhaps the most engaging exhibition of 2009 was Second Street Gallery's "Impera et Divide." Curated by Charlottesville fave and art renegade Warren Craghead III, along with Portuguese artist Pedro Moura, the March-April show highlighted six international artists who adopt the sequential approach of comic-book art and carry it in unexpected and thrilling directions." more

Laura Parsons
“Art at the End of the Oughts.”
The Hook
(Charlottesville Va)
"Another tortured wasteland is revealed later in Craghead’s book, one with words like leaves on branches or so much broken flesh. We are given context through language and image, a feeling of space through the arduous passage of isolated words through the thicket of war from which we must form a single sentence or being." more

Ng Tong Suat
“On Lettering - Old and New”
The Comics Journal

Laura Parsons
“Frame by Frame”
The Hook (Charlottesville Va)
"I don’t think I can do better than to quote the curators of the show in Second Street’s Dové Gallery, which gathers an international collection of art that’s influenced by comics. Think of these pieces as “graphic poems rather than graphic novels,” Warren Craghead and Pedro Moura suggest. It’s a fruitful approach..." more

Erika Howsare
“Art at the End of the Oughts.”
C-VILLE Weekly
(Charlottesville Va)
"When I visited Craghead’s studio, his desk resembled a pile of paper on legs, overflowing with scraps of drawings that he’ll scan into his computer to add to his labyrinthine collection of websites and online collages. Give him an inch of paper, each space seems to say, and Warren Craghead will draw you a mile...." more

Brendan Fitzgerald
“Here, There and Everywhere” (cover feature)
C-VILLE Weekly
(Charlottesville Va)
"It’s rare to visit a gallery and receive a parting gift. But as Migration prepares to empty its walls and take flight, it’s fitting that artist Warren Craghead, III has created a special book, The Dot and The Line, for the venue’s final show of the same name, which features the work of Craghead and Brian Mallman." more

Laura Parsons
“Drawing to a Close.”
The Hook
(Charlottesville Va)
Karen Schaffer
“Frame by Frame”
Bethesda Gazette (Bethesda MD)
Bill Randall
“Best of 2007”
The Comics Journal #288
Bill Randall
“Deaf Ears”
The Comics Journal #288
Bill Randall
“Warren Craghead: All Over The Map”
The Comics Journal #284
Janet Rems
Fairfax Times (Fairfax, VA)
Kriston Capps
Washington City Paper
Tom Spurgeon
"Other Peoples Dreams: The Comics of Warren Craghead"
The Comics Journal #263
Anthony F. Hall
“Free Association is Theme of Show at Courthouse Gallery”
The Lake George Mirror
Tania Garcia De Rosi
"Salvage Shines Light on Region's Art"
Albany Times-Union
Ian Berry
“Fence 2002”
The Arts Center of the Capital Region
David Brinkman
"A Nice Fit"
Metroland (Albany NY)
Michael Santa Rita
“Literary magazine puts Focus on Capital Region”
The Daily Gazette (Schnectady NY)
Ben Sher
"Artistic Endeavor"
Metroland (Albany NY)
William Jaeger
“Simple Pleasures”
Albany Times-Union
Scott McCloud
"Reinventing Comics"
Harper Paperbacks
Tom Spurgeon
“Origami Speedy”
The Comics Journal
James Kolchalka
The Comics Journal
Greg Stump
“Young Cartoonists Profile”
The Comics Journal

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